Maruti Brezza, Ertiga, and XL6 Facelifts Will Have a New 6-Speed Automatic Transmission.

Maruti Suzuki will soon offer a new, more modern automatic transmission in some of its larger vehicles, including the Ertiga, XL6, and Brezza, to mention a few. The new 6-speed torque converter automatic will replace the aging 4-speed automatic currently in use in these cars, which is believed to be sourced from the Suzuki Vitara SUV marketed worldwide.

With facelifts, the Ertiga, XL6, and Brezza will get new gearboxes.
The new vehicle will most likely assist in meeting CAFE 2 standards by April 2022. Expect a minor price increase for these new car models.

Maruti's New 6-Speed Auto will help the Company Fulfill the New CAFE Standards.

Since the V6-powered Grand Vitara XL7 of 2003, the four-speed torque converter automatic has been used in Maruti's larger-engined petrol cars. While the number of gears and lack of a sport mode or manual shifting make it appear antiquated, in real-world use, this is without a doubt one of the smoothest gearboxes for the money.

The increased ratios and more current electronics of the new 6-speed auto could aid performance with improved shift times and quicker responses, but it will likely be more expensive and result in a little price bump for these vehicles, aside from offering the option to shift manually and a sport mode. Furthermore, it should assist improve fuel economy and emissions — in addition to providing owners with more kilometers per liter in their petrol Maruti vehicles, it will also help future-proof them, which is likely what drove the change. The new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE 2) regulations will take effect in April 2022, and carmakers will be required to reduce the average CO2 level of their entire model line-up from 130g/km to 113g/km to comply, which this gearbox should help with.