The Price of Tata Altroz Turbo Petrol has Decreased, but the Price of Other Variants has Increased.

Tata Motors has increased the costs of its Altroz hatchback, with petrol variants now costing up to Rs 15,000 more, and diesel variants costing up to Rs 20,000 more. This, like the Nexon, is part of Tata Motors' price raise announced earlier this year as a result of growing input and operational costs. This is Altroz's second price increase in less than two months, with the first being in November 2021.

The price of Tata Altroz petrol has increased.

The naturally aspirated petrol variants of the Altroz have seen a price increase of Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 in the last few months. The price of the mid-spec XM+ model has increased the most. The top-spec XZ+ variant's price remains intact, however, the Dark Edition, which is based on the XZ+ variant, sees a Rs 5,000 price increase.

While pricing for conventionally aspirated petrol variants has increased, Tata Motors has dropped costs for the majority of Altroz turbo-petrol variants. Only the base XT variant sees a 2,000-rupee price increase, while other variations' costs have dropped by up to 8,000-rupees.