With Hilux, Toyota Seeks to Expand the Specialized Lifestyle Category.

Toyota unveiled its new India-spec Hilux, revealing that the pickup truck, which will be on sale in March, will be positioned in our market's lifestyle sector. "We noticed a growing trend among consumers who want lifestyle utility cars. In an interview with Autocar India, Jurachart Jongusuk, Toyota regional chief engineer, said, "We are launching the Toyota launched Hilux in the Indian market to cater to those kinds of needs for off-roading and going on adventure drives, in addition to regular use."

Flatbed is projected to be Hilux's major USP when combined with extras. The powertrain is optimized for load-lugging and severe off-road conditions.
Toyota's Karnataka plant will build the vehicle, with 30 percent of the parts being made locally.

The Toyota Fortuner will appeal to a different set of customers than the Hilux.

Even though the Hilux is a 4x4, body-on-frame utility vehicle like the Fortuner, Toyota believes the pickup will appeal to an entirely another niche – one that it can help grow. While the Fortuner is popular among consumers of large SUVs, the Hilux will appeal to those who want to "make a statement."The flatbed, which measures 1,555mm x 1,540mm and can carry a load of up to 470 kg, will be the key selling point for the double-cab Hilux. "The deck will allow unrivaled flexibility to transport anything – from outdoor goods to sports equipment," says Toyota's top engineer. As a result, that will be the type of usage that distinguishes a Hilux client from a Fortuner customer."